6 Reliable Ways to Make Money from Music

If you’re passionate about music and how to make money from music, then you’re thinking ahead. Selling music is an innovative way to earn money while doing something you like, whether your primary career or a lucrative side venture.

What if you don’t have the funds? Selling your music does not come with any guarantees. The euphoria of a lucrative music career simply does not make sense for many music artists. Take a look at our advice on how to make money from music as a new artist.

Making money through music isn’t easy, but it’s also not impossible. With the help of diversified and automated revenue streams, music artists now make money from music easily. They’re now capable of reducing the risks associated with the career they’ve always wanted to pursue.

Do you want to know what it means to make money from your passion? Read on and get all the juice.

How to make money from music

When starting your music career, consider how to make money from it. Do not assume that money will come on its own.

It is critical to have a revenue strategy for your musical career. Without the backing of a big label, a single source of cash is unlikely to be enough to sustain your life.

Meanwhile, having multiple streams of income from your music is a great idea. I know it will not happen overnight, but I understand the possibility. Plan properly and make money from music on automation.

Besides, making money from your passion is one of the best things in life. It gives you room to fucus and develop your music.

Check out some common ways music artists can make money from their music:

1. Make money from music via playing gigs

Live performances are among the most lucrative ways for music artists to earn a living. Although the internet has made it possible to access live music, nothing beats seeing one of your favorite singers perform live in person. Imagine fans screaming for their idols!

How to get paid-to-play gigs

Live performances are not only a great way to make money from music, but they are also one of the most effective ways to build an audience. It gives you the privilege of connecting with your social media followers physically.

Nonetheless, you’ll want to build relationships with local businesses in your area. This is when your networking skills will come in handy. Modestly plan and search for places that are open to new performers. Connect with event planners to anchor weddings and conferences.

Besides, businesses need influencers for product marketing. Get across to start-ups and corporate brands and be open to partnerships. You can perform at product launches and other business events.

Create an EPK

If you begin reaching out to local brands, they may request an EPK. An EPK stands for an electronic press kit. It is also called a promotional package or a music artist’s press kit.

Furthermore, an EPK is an electronic collection of files, videos, and photos of your music. A local business can use your EPK to get to know your style and brand in one swift. You can make a press kit with easy design tools like Adobe SparkCanva, or PressKitBuilder.

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2. Sell branded merch online

Selling branded products online is one of the best ways to supplement your income as an artist. With an automated merch shop, you may make money without taking time away from music composition or performance.

How to make money selling branded merch online

Setting up a fully automated store in minutes is possible with various print-on-demand platforms. Begin by deciding on the products you’d like to offer. T-shirts are an essential item for easy banding.

However, print-on-demand businesses provide a broad range of items. Take time to explore them: from water bottles to bags and home decors.

  • Design your own designs: Do it if you know how to create your logo. You can use slogans and lyrics from your songs too. Make them simple to promote your distinct style and brand. They are printed on merchandise.
  • Create your own shop: Start your Shopify trial and set up your store. If you’ve not set up a Shopify store before, watch a video on YouTube. It is simple to do.
  • Automate your printing process: With print-on-demand applications, you outsource manufacturing, shipping, and logistics to a third-party company. Print-on-demand companies get paid with a portion of the revenue, meaning that you won’t have to pay for your products until they’re sold.

Once you’ve created your online store and your products, it’s unnecessary to perform any other tasks. The print-on-demand company handles the printing and shipping and is paid a percentage of the sales.

A few of the most popular printing apps for Shopify are Teelaunch, Gooten, Printful, and Printify.

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3. Earn streaming royalties

It’s crucial to comprehend the distinction between streaming services and distribution networks:

  • The streaming platform is a platform that people are using for listening to their music. The most popular streaming services are Spotify and Apple Music.
  • A distribution network is a distribution network that distributes and collects royalties from streaming services.

Meanwhile, music lovers don’t have alternate choices to streaming services. The age of radio listening for new songs has ended. Many Gen Z demographies visit streaming platforms daily.

So, get your songs on these platforms. Great artists worldwide submit their songs to popular streaming services.

Conversely, you must stream your work on Spotify or Apple Music to reach a vast audience. Other well-known streaming services include Google Play, Amazon Music, Beatport, JunoDownload, and YouTube Music.

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4. Collaboration with other artists and brands

Many musicians supplement their income by exploring side business enterprises. There are different methods to earn money via collaborations, depending on your music genre and skillset.

Meanwhile, you can collaborate with other artists to create singles, run shows, go on tours and share fans. You can likewise partner with labels and brands.

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5. Offer music lessons or sales training.

Many musicians do not aspire to be the best in the world. Some argue that preparing the next generation of music artists is fulfilling. They’d instead train others than gun for top music charts and concerts.

If you want to train others, LectureOwl is a great place to hunt for a job as a private music instructor. You may also create an online music course by utilizing several learning websites. Other sites are Skillshare, Udemy, Teachable, and Thinkific.

6. Sell beats and samples online

One common way to make money from music is by selling sample beats online as a talented music artist. You can sell skits as digital products. For some artists, they can make this their primary source of income.

Furthermore, selling beats and samples allows you to dedicate your time to creating music and beats, which is the main reason for selling them. It is easy when you know your onions.

Skills you need to make money selling beats online

  •  Mixing and mastering Performers purchasing your beats are likely to expect a certain high level of technical excellence. If you’ve never produced beats before, this isn’t something you can learn during an afternoon.
  •  Licenses. When performers purchase beats from you, they’re buying a license to use the beat in their songs. There are several kinds of licenses, and you must be aware of the rights you’re surrendering when you sell your track.
  • Marketing. There are a lot of websites where you can search for beats that you can license. However, the performers are usually selective regarding what they’re looking for. So, selling beats online is highly dependent on your ability to locate the right niche and gain an online reputation.

I believe you can start your music career and make money from music with these ideas. Do not expect to perfect these ideas in a few weeks, but work on them one after the other. Be consistent in your musical quality and brand.

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