9 sites to upload music online freely... spotify

The future of music is undoubtedly online. Local musicians can download and upload music to numerous services, such as Spotify. The first quarter of this year had 356 million active monthly users on Spotify. And I want to unveil the best sites to upload music online.

These websites can help you reach millions of people because of their users. Sometimes, you may avoid using third parties and record labels with digital creativity.

Let’s look at these platforms to see which is best for you! Which are worthy of your time and effort? How can you make use of these platforms?

Best Sites to Upload Music Online

#1. Get started by creating a website.

Be daring! Have a single platform for your music. You need a dashboard where you can sample and track your music, brand image, and content—your website. When a fan or promoter searches online, they should first see your band’s website. You have the opportunity to establish a favorable initial impression and then attract them with an excellent user experience.

Even if your music is promoted elsewhere online, you should still maintain a website where you can publish tour dates, announcements, and sneak peeks! This is a great way to make money from your music.

Don’t be concerned if you don’t already have a site. Different platforms now make it simple to establish a website and connect your band’s social media profiles. Let’s highlight the benefits:

  • Music integration: Add tracks from Soundcloud, Spotify, and iTunes to your homepage.
  • Social media: Connect your social media profiles.
  • Videos: You may quickly upload recent videos and skits to your website.
  • Contact form: This helps visitors locate and contact you the best way possible.
  • Podcast: To share interviews and teasers, link to an Apple or Spotify podcast in Your Music Block.
  • Music website: A layout created exclusively for music promotion.

#2. Upload your tracks to Reddit Music.

9 sites to upload music online freely... Reddit

Reddit still has a lot of promise, although many music channels are already overrun by musicians. The site is excellent for helping to promote your music through grassroots marketing. This is a great approach to expand your brand and attract new customers. Reddit is a really active place where you may interact with your customers.

Reddit lets you explain yourself and provide your website so that music lovers may listen to your music. You can also communicate with potential customers. Reddit users aren’t hesitant to provide helpful (and not-so-constructive) feedback on your tracks.

9 free sites to upload music online for download

#3. Find out about Spotify and get discovered.

The most crucial advantage of uploading songs to Spotify is the massive reach. The “Discover” function helps you discover new artists, while the “Release Radar” connects songs from comparable genres. Spotify’s desktop and mobile downloads have given it a worldwide following.

Spotify’s music collection features almost all musicians, putting your name among the most significant artists.

In addition, design and create your own music website. Visitors may listen to and download your music by adding your playlists to the website. Playlists from Spotify or SoundCloud may be easily embedded.

#4. Use music hashtags on Instagram or Twitter.

9 sites to upload music online freely... instagram
Best sites to upload music in nigeria

You can use hashtags on Instagram and Twitter, but choosing the proper hashtags is critical for getting the best results. To indicate your musical genre, use music hashtags and follow genres.

To begin with, use the hashtag #NBAJosh or your own hashtag for your band/artist.

On Twitter.com, you may follow @TwitterMusic and utilize hot hashtags like #music, #nowplaying, and #newmusic. You may look for music emojis and hashtags on Instagram. Look for hashtags like #instamusic, #instanowplaying, #instaartist, and #instalive. You may add #insta before your music genre to attract fans of your music genre.

When performing live, clearly display your artist or band hashtag so that others can acknowledge and follow the trend on social media.

#5. Uploading videos to YouTube.

YouTube is a great video search engine. Over the years, musicians have maximized the platform to their advantage. For instance, Carly Rae Jepsen, Justin Bieber, and some young music talents were first spotted on YouTube.

YouTube.com is an excellent platform for creating playlists, sharing music videos, and entertaining audiences. Using “popular YouTube” and “Browse Channels,” categories give great search results. Also, you can explore the “Creators On the Rise” category.

#6. Buzz about on TikTok.

Here is a phenomenal app. TikTok is busting records as a video streaming network that links young people worldwide. The App started as a music community and is now known to be more than just a video platform.

TikTok has everything you could want. From celebrities filming TikTok videos with children to popular lip-syncing tunes, there is something for everyone. There will also be dance routines featuring musicians performing hit tunes.

There are also reenactments of movie moments and hilarious short videos. In any scenario, the potential for greatness exists. Use TikTok buzz and start your music promotion.

#7. Get on board with Last.fm.

9 sites to upload music online freely... apple music
Sites to upload songs for free

For musicians, Last.fm provides some fantastic features. Users may “scrobble” to look at what they’re listening to and play tunes based on what they find. People who like your music can subscribe to it. They will be immediately notified when you upload music or make an update. Similar musical tastes enable people to discover new music often and receive notifications when their favorite song is posted.

#8. Bandcamp helps you find great fans.

Bandcamp is a fantastic resource for discovering new singers and bands. The site attracts a large number of music fans who are anxious to hear new songs.

It might assist you in gaining your first fan. You may post music and sell brand items or digital downloads to visitors.

Besides, Bandcamp is an excellent platform for connecting with fans and followers. Make sure that the playlist is included on your website. The more you stream your music, the more BandCamp will get indications that it should be prominently presented on its site.

#9. Share your songs on Soundcloud.

Soundcloud wants to allow you to share your music and collaborate on it. The app, unlike Spotify, is a music-sharing network rather than a music program that allows you to download whole albums.

Soundcloud lets you submit your music and let people remark on it. If you enable this feature, you may also download your tracks. This fantastic platform is great for upcoming artists to connect with a larger online audience.


9 sites to upload music online freely... 2

As a music artist, pay rasp attention to social media and other digital marketing options. You need to learn how online promotions work. Use these sites to upload music online and get results. Follow our pages and learn more tips to enhance your music career and business. Also learn how to make your music go viral.

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