Best way to promote music on instagram

Let’s highlight the top Instagram music promotion tips for this decade. The music industry has changed dramatically over the past two decades, especially in the way we can publish and promote our music.

Before the advent of the digital age in the 2000s, musicians were tied to what we can refer to as the label infrastructure. This works like this: a musician is discovered by a label (which can be either major or indie), and the label then handles everything, from recording the single or album to publishing and marketing it.

What about today? The infrastructure is still available for stars and multi-platinum artists. However, new and upcoming artists must be creative and manage their stuff. A young artist must not only create and record music but also manage and oversee many other aspects. These aspects might include social media, brand design, web management, gigs, events, and promotions.

This is where Instagram, one of the most popular social media platforms, comes in. You need Instagram music promotion. No matter what genre of music, the primary market is young people under 35. 31% of Internet users are between 18 and 34 years old. 32% of those between 25 and 34 are active on Instagram. There is almost a 50/50 ratio between male and female Instagram users.

Meanwhile, Instagram is a fantastic platform for music promotion. You can choose from ‘traditional’ posts and IGTV as well as stories. The different advertising options are vibrant and objective.

What are the top tips for Instagram music promotion?

Optimize your Instagram Bio

Many emerging and independent musicians don’t pay enough attention to their Instagram bios. Your Instagram bio is a powerful way to present yourself and engage with your followers. These are some tips to optimize your Instagram bio.

Use Informative and engaging stories.

We are limited to 150 characters in our bio. It is, therefore, vital to make wise use of them.

While we can take many different approaches, we can still be creative. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Your music should be described. You can discuss the most recent and relevant things you have done with your music. Include achievements, awards, or career highlights. Add information about your reviews from influential media and influencers in your bio.

Add a link to your bio.

A single link can be used in your bio. Smartly use any of these options: Your website, a Spotify or YouTube channel, or a ticket sales landing page. Also, consider a lead magnet page where visitors can download your music and video to their email address (email). This is useful for email marketing purposes.

Add a vibrant-looking Profile Picture.

Instagram is a visual platform. So, use a compelling profile picture. The cover art you use should convey the style and genre of your music. Different genres and sounds may have their own visual aesthetics. You can still be imaginative and use out-of-the-box approaches.

Diversify your content

We have already mentioned that Instagram is a versatile platform, so work with it. Use different content to reach your audiences, from paid ads, IGTV, and Stories to Posts. The ‘traditional’ posts can be used creatively and strategically.

  1. Post Photos and Images
  2. Share Videos
  3. Always add rich text.

You are on your way to Instagram music promotion success with a diversified content strategy.

7 Tips for Instagram music promotion
Best instagram music promotion

Use IGTV and stories to loud your music.

Instagram Stories allows you to upload up to 15 seconds of video. The hook, chorus, or drop of your songs are perfect for capturing listeners’ attention.

Stories can be used to promote other things that are related to your music, such as:

  • Upcoming gigs are pretty obvious
  • Your single, music video, or album will be released in New Releases.
  • Engage your fans by sharing old songs from your back catalog to create throwback content
  • Promoting your merchandises
  • To engage your audience, you can run polls, host giveaway quizzes, and hold Q&As

Relatedly, IG stories vanish after 24 hours unless they are kept. You can experiment with this medium and promote it using the trial-and-error approach.

On the other hand, IGTV allows us to upload longer video content. This is up to 10 minutes for regular users and 60 minutes for verified accounts. IGTV is uniquely designed to allow vertical videos and more. IGTV is a relatively new feature in the Instagram ecosystem. Using this strategy is great.

Research and Use Related Hashtags

Hashtags are an essential part of Instagram as a social media platform. Insta users use hashtags to search for new content, places, artists, or musicians. Instagram uses hashtags to suggest content to users based on their past likes and shares. This key algorithm feature will be more relevant in the face of Instagram’s saturation.

7 Tips for Instagram music promotion
How to promote your music on instagram for free

Technically, you can include 30 hashtags in every post. This includes hashtags used in comment sections. You should aim for at least 20 hashtags per post. You can add 10 hashtags to Stories.

Sponsored Posts and Advertisements

Social media reach is decreasing organically while digital marketing is becoming increasingly profitable in some ways. And Instagram is no exception. You can invest in Instagram ads by converting your Instagram account into a business account. This will allow you to reach new audiences and engage with a larger audience. It is a top tip for Instagram music promotion.

You have many options for Instagram ads, including single images, videos, and carousels.

The main problem with advertising on Instagram is managing your costs. Watch it to avoid wasting money on ads. You can almost guarantee that you will get results quickly if done correctly.

The main focus here is on how to reach as many people with advertising as possible while spending as little as feasible. Two factors are essential to remember when promoting your music: content and targeting.

Meanwhile, your goal is to get people to click on your ad instead of scrolling. Although it is obvious to use music videos for the Instagram ad, most people don’t have the option of turning off the sound. Even if your song is excellent, they may not click on your ad unless your music videos look really appealing.


You can promote your music using other channels on Instagram. Instagram is a great way to share your work with more people and engage in two-way communication. So, go on and get on the Instagram music promotion ride.

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