6 Qualities Record Labels Look For in New Artists

6 Qualities Record Labels Look for in Artists 1

Every year record labels sign up new music talents. There are unique qualities record labels look for in young and vibrant musicians. Have this consciousness if you seek to sign a record deal in the music industry in Nigeria.

Meanwhile, a record label doesn’t sign musicians to sign them. They want someone who will work long hours and care about the company’s success. No contract may be signed until the artist’s skills as a musician and current professional status is better understood.

Many promising musicians never get signed because of these and other issues.

Although a record deal can open many doors for artists, it’s not a good idea to sugarcoat it. Getting signed to a top record label is becoming more challenging than ever.

Besides, getting a record label’s attention is nearly impossible if you aren’t exceptionally well-connected.

This post will review some criteria a record company should use when signing an artist.

Top Qualities Record Labels Look For in Upcoming Artists

6 Qualities Record Labels Look for in Artists 3
How to get signed by a record label in nigeria

1. What are you passionate about?

Among the qualities record labels look for in talented vocalists include your passion. You must be clear about what makes you scream and excited. Record companies may often quiz you with a few questions to learn more about your life and career vision. What have you been doing about your music over the past 3 years? Do you see your future as a musical artist in 5 years? What are your musical dreams? Who are your idols in your genre?

A voice and talent are not enough if you don’t dwell in the music space. You must have a path you desire to take without a doubt. Record labels want to see music vibes, not just lyrics. They want your excitement and enthusiasm and not drab acts and performances.

If you aren’t sure about a musical career path yet, get that fixed. Have a goal and a prize you desire. And don’t stop there. Start working towards that goal every day you wake up. Let the fire burn in you, and the record labels will see it and come after you.

2. What’s your mission?

They will look for your songs and examine your lyrical content to see how well it complements the label’s brand. Your beats and rhythms produce something that has significance.

Most record labels will vet your lyrics to ensure that your songs’ lyrics do not include illegal terms. They want to be sure your songs can promote what their brand stands for.

Most brands don’t support lyrics that incite nudity, killings, addictions, and other illicit vices. Additionally, they will consider the time you’ve spent working in the music business.

3. What strategy is necessary to get you to the top?

The purpose of this inquiry was to get an understanding of your long-term goals in your professional life. Record labels will evaluate the potential return on their investment in you based on the answers you provide.

Collaboration is at the heart of music. A record company cannot achieve success without the members of its staff. Don’t forget that you’re a musician and can offer your audience what they want by performing, composing songs, or contributing to the brand’s success.

4. Who are your fans?

When it comes to pursuing a career in music, this is the golden rule in the book. A record label will not invest in an artist if they do not have a significant online following. Getting the word out about your music should be your first focus.

This does not necessarily suggest that you must have many bot followers; No. Instead, it indicates that you do not participate in the discussions that are taking place on social media.

Record companies are not going to invest in someone clueless about how to get started. You are responsible for doing your part, and establishing a social media presence is a start. Record labels see your social media as a scorecard that your fans know your songs and find them inspiring, entertaining, and motivating.

5. Loyalty

music industry in Nigeria
How to get signed by a record label in nigeria

Partnerships are an essential component of every successful company. Each side has to demonstrate 80 percent loyalty to a course for every success recorded. The music industry in Nigeria is a highly successful business. To build a fantastic brand, you need a powerful team.

A record label is not prepared to collaborate with someone that will abandon his contract in the near future. Record labels are optimistic. They cannot collaborate with someone who is excellent in every aspect and does not look to others for guidance. Be a shining example of loyalty in your personal and professional interactions. Loyalty is key to getting signed up.

6. Illegal Records

These are all violations of the law that cannot be committed in a nation. They will check whether your name has been included on any blacklists in the town or nation an artist is originally from. These can include the misuse of illegal drugs (which you were caught with even though it’s against the law), having a criminal record, and involvement in a cult are common problems.


Getting signed to a record label is one of the most effective ways to network with other up-and-coming performers. The above qualities record labels look for are not out of line. Have the consciousness that the music business is enormous.

Branding and music promotion are significant factors to succeed in the music industry in Nigeria. Becoming an independent artist can be great initially, but you need a record label later. Keep working on improving your songs and skits, and hope for one or two to go viral on Social media. You need something to get noticed by top record labels, just as Out The Mud Records recently noticed and signed Lifestyle SZN. Keep working, keep grinding, and don’t stop buzzing on social media.

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